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Books About the Milky Way Galaxy

The Milky Way, Bok and Bok, Fifth Edition, Harvard 1981.  This is the fifth edition of a book of historical stature.  The first edition appeared in 1941.  The book has been a standard reference for those many decades and was once again revised in 1981.  This is a true textbook and bears the authenticity required of such a book.  This is not a casual read but one to have as a reference for almost anything you ever wanted to know about our own galaxy.

Galaxies, Howard Shapley, Third Edition, Harvard 1972.  This edition of the book, first published in 1943, was revised by Paul W. Hodge in this latest edition.  This is a text about not only the Milky Way Galaxy, but about the nature of galaxies in general.  It is most interesting to read about galaxies in the words of one of the great astronomers of all time.

Galaxies and the Universe, David Eicher ed, Kalmbach 1992.  Subtitled, An Observing Guide from Deep Sky Magazine.  What can I say but this is a really nice collection of articles from Deep Sky.  Nice images, nice discussion and just a nice book.

Beyond the Solar System, David Eicher, Kalmbach 1992.   Anothe great collection of images with a brief but informative text with each.  Really nice section of color images.  This is another nice volume put together by Eicher.

A Photographic Tour of the Universe, Gabriele VAnin, Firefly Books 1996.  Now this is a major book of images from the solar system to deep space.  This is a collection of images to thrill anyone interested in astronomy.  One of the best. This marvelous collection of images is accompanied by a modest but quite informative text.

Hubble Vision, Astronomy with the Hubble Space Telescope, Carolyn Collins Peterson and John C. Brandt,  Cambridge 1995.
There have been many Hubble images and compilations.  Non has been as good as this one.  The book has a story of the design and development of Hubble as well as a collection of images that is simply great.  The book concentrates on the images of great importance in advancing our underatanding the the universe.  This is a must have book.

Hubble's Universe, A Portrait of Our Cosmos, Simon Goodwin, Penguin Studio 1997.  A smaller book that the above and a bit less ambitious.  It must be considered a complement to the bigger Hubble Vision book.  It is a nice book but pales compared to the bigger work.  I would consider it in addition to but not a substitute for the above.

Stars and Galaxies, Astronomy's Guide to Exploring and Cosmos, David Eicher ed, Astronomy 1992.  Another of Eicher's efforts proves a winner.  This is really the book for persons who want to view the Cosmos as the title suggests.  Excellent pictures and maps of the major objects in the sky.  I recommend it highly.  Anyone can learn a lot from this marvelous presentation.

The Guide to the Galaxy, Nigel Henbest and Heather Couper, Cambridge 1994.  This book means by Galaxy, THE Galaxy.  That is the Milky Way Galaxy.  It is the best I have seen in terms of both text and images of our galaxy.  The presentation is clear, the science correct and up to date and the images quite inspiring.

The Milky Way Galaxy and Statistical Cosmology 1890-1924, Eric Robert Paul, Cambridge 1993.  This is a high technical and highly detailed book about how views of the structure of our galaxy changed over the years in question.  Only those with a deep interest in how our sun's position in our galaxy has changed, certainly an important topic, will bee able to plow through this book.  It is tough going and at the same time a brilliant example about hard work changes our view of the universe.

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