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Family News

ere are some of our favorite photos of our little family. Enjoy!

Shawn, Jen & Kids
November 2009 — Shawn, Connor, Ashlyn, and Jen

Jay, Jen, & Kids
Jay, Connor, Ashlyn, Jen, and Josh (front)

November 2009 — Go-Carts — Jay and Josh

Josh cooking with Meena
Pumpkin Pie Baking — Josh and Jacquie (Meena)

Josh's Xmas Program
Joshua's Christmas Program

Connor with ballons at birthday party
November 2009 — Connor's Birthday Party

Connor's birthday party

Connor & Ashlyn
May 2009 — Ashlyn and Connor

Ashlyn combo

Joshua & Jay camping - 1
March 2009 — Joshua and Jason (seen below) Camping at Loyd Park

Joshua & Jay camping - 2

Family Joy

Meena & Grandkids
February 2009 — Jacquie and Grandkids

Three Grandkids
February 2009 — Joshua Holding Ashlyn and Connor

Connor eating
February 2009 — Connor Enjoys Eating!

Family with stork
February 2009 — Shawn Holding Connor and Jen Holding Ashlyn

Ashyln's first bath
February 8, 2009 — Wet and Unhappy

Joshua on bike
February 2009 — Joshua Cruising

Ashyln, Jen, & Meena
February 2009 — Jen, Jacquie, and Ashlyn

Ashyln & Meena
February 4, 2009 — Finally, a Granddaughter!

Ashyln - close-up

                             Joshua & cat

Connor at Christmas
December 2008 — Connor 4-Wheeling on Christmas

Connor's First Birthday Party
November 1, 2008 — Connor's First Birthday Party

Connor's First Birthday
October 2008 — Connor's First Birthday

Connor's Family

Connor Playing

Connor and Mom at Daycare

Connor Playing -- 2

Connor Playing -- 3

Connor Feeding

   Watch for more updates! Photo archives listed below:
      2001–2007 Other Family Photos 

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