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Our Home     

n our Christmas 1998 trip to Colorado, we found a new log-sided home in the south central part of the state. The house is nestled in the pines near a small mining town that was active over 100 years ago. We often enjoy walking through the old cemetery looking at the headstones from the 1800s mixed in with the modern ones. It's not uncommon to see the mule deer there, too, all of which makes for a peaceful experience.

Some of these photos following are rather large, so be patient!

Fall Color 2003
Fall color from the driveway of our house.

View of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains
The view of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains above is from a road near our home. 30" x 7.5" prints available for $50.
Click the image for a larger view (2.6MB). Use your browser's Back button to return here.

Summer scene
Our little mountain home.

New Driveway
We built an extension to our driveway in July 2006 that connects with
the side street to simplify maneuvering the travel trailer.

New Driveway -- Billy
Our good friend and neighbor, Billy Wells, used his tractor to "blade"
the road base and gravel to make our new driveway.

winter scene
Winter Scene, March 2003 after a 54" snowfall, click here to see more

Our bedroom
Our bedroom with the head and foot boards Ed made using cedar
from the yard of our former Austin house.

Kitchen view
Kitchen with hickory cabinets.

Dining Room
The Dining Room with the Kachina hanging lamp.

Living Room
Looking across the Living Room to the south.


Big Mule Deer Buck
Big eight-point mule deer buck comes for a handout at our front deck.

Ears the doe
This young doe is Ed's favorite, "Ears."

These four wild turkeys were outside our Dining Room windows one morning as was the fox below.
Fox 3

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