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About Us

Initial Cap Hello from the Stewarts at Sky Mountain! Even though we are both "retired," we still find plenty to keep us busy. There is the on-going list of projects to be completed inside the house, working on the computer, landscaping and yard work (of course, this can only be done during the warmer months), church activities, volunteer opportunities, watching the St. Louis Cardinals play baseball on TV, and of course--traveling! We relocated to the Wet Mountain Valley permanently in July 2000 after purchasing our home in January 1999. We moved ourselves making eight trips between those dates using our little utility trailer.

We were both in education--Ed taught for 27 years at Austin Community College, and Jacquie worked for the local school district as a library aide. We have three children between us and enjoy being grandparents to all of our grandsons. We are thankful for good health, happiness, and abundant opportunities. We've collected several cartoons that are relevant to our slipping mental powers and our move to the mountains of Colorado. Take a look.

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